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Planter Specialist

Garlic Planting System


  • TJ-6000 (Garlic Planter )

  • ​Information

    • ​Dimension (mm) : Length 2100,  Width 1570, Height 1700

    • Weight                   : 660 kg

    • Power                    : 45 ~ 100

    • Rows                      : 7  ( row distance 16 cm)

    • Seeding distance : 10 cm (12 cm)

    • ​Ridge Width          : 125 cm

    • Ridge Height         : 20 cm

String of garlic seeds

  • Garlic seeds are wrapped by paper, twisted by thread and turned into a string

  • Seeds are planted as a string

  • Paper and thread decompose over time

Reel of string

  • String is rolled up on a reel

  • Reels are stored and mounted on the garlic planter

  • Germicide and insecticide on the paper protect garlic seeds

Produce string of garlic seeds

  • Garlic Seed Attachment Machine

    • produce regular length of   

    • string of garlic seeds

    • roll up the string on a reel

    • store reels on a pallet

  • Regular seed distance

    • 10cm or 12 cm (Adjustable)

Garlic Seed Attacher

Garlic Seed Planter

  • Garlic Planting System consist of Attacher and Planter

  • Attacher produces a string of garlic seeds

  • Planter buries the string of garlic seeds under the ground

  • Fast planting & No miss rate with string of garlic seeds

Store reels

  • Reels of garlic seeds can be stored in warehouse

  • Garlic seeds last until 30~45 days without sprouting

  • To choose seeding time is possible

Move to Field

  • Reels of garlic seeds are loaded on the pallet

  • Reels are mounted on the garlic planter


  • Number of Rows : 6~7 Rows 

  • Mounted on the tractor  (50~200 HP)

  • Perform every step of  planting

      1. Ridging

      2. Planting

      3. Covering   

      4. Spraying

      5. Mulching


  • Paper is torn by moisture and seeds sprout normaly

  • Sprout comes out of punched mulching film automatically(No more labor)

  • Holes are punched along the string of garlic seeds


  • Distributor for liquid disinfestation (Optional)​

  • spraying and planting at the same time


  • Retain moisture & warm under the mulching plastic film

  • Reduce weeds

  • Keep the light from reaching any potatoes that reach the soil surface

  • Protecting potatoes from pests

  • Mulching is used 99% in Korea


  • Side-Shifting by hydraulic power

  • Shorten walkway for more planting bases

  • Independent from tractor size

     (mounted on 50~200 HP tractor)

Warter Usage Savings

  • String soaker hose along the rows

  • Simple and Easy way for Watering

  • Water at the center of rows, right at the plant’s base.

  • Keeps water off the walkways and large rows between plants.

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